“Each of our destinations that are open stringently follow the local Covid-19 requirements and protocols for our adventures. We also build on these with Clean, Refresh and Sanitize programs.

All of our staff undergo frequent temperature checks and health monitoring. While we encourage all of our staff to get a vaccination against Covid-19 when available, it is a very personal choice that we respect. This same standard is applied to our guests that are traveling with us since our first destination reopened in July of 2020.»

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Travelers Responsibilities

Before traveling, recommends each guest research and become familiar with the travel requirements that they may encounter, including but is not limited to the following:

  • Travel requirements, regulations, or restrictions from the airlines you are traveling aboard.
  • Entry and exit requirements for transit airports and countries. (Especially important if overnighting.)
  • Entry and exit requirements for the destination country.
  • Embarkation requirements for your Aggressor Adventure.
  • Return entry requirements for your home country when wrapping up your journey.

One way to research the above is to use the passport, visa and health travel document requirements page from IATA.  This site matches the passport country with the destination country and provides a list of entry requirements.

The information for travel restrictions and guidelines may change quickly. Travelers need to have all the proper documents in hand at the time of travel.  It is each guest’s responsibility to ensure you have all of the appropriate forms before traveling. 

Return To Service Procedures

Click on the link below to learn what your staff has been doing during our extended time apart to prepare our destinations for your return. We call it our «Clean, Refresh, Sanitize» program.

Protocols for a Suspected Case of COVID-19

Each destination has established a local professional medical support team to advise them should a staff member or guest become ill and develop a fever or other symptoms.  Temperatures of staff are taken twice daily. Once onboard, we instruct guests to self-monitor and report to the Captain if they develop a fever or other symptoms. We ask you to be honest and tell us if there have been any changes that could compromise your health or others.

If fever or other symptoms are detected on board, the destination will contact their local medical support team for a consultation.  If possible, transportation is arranged for the patient to visit the medical facility for evaluation.  While awaiting transport to be organized, the guest will be asked to self-isolate in their stateroom.

If the yacht is further offshore, medical support provides a remote consultation, and the guest will be instructed to self-isolate in their stateroom for the remainder of their trip or until the evacuation is possible. If appropriate, the roommate will move to alternate accommodations. Meals will be brought to the patient’s room. Linens are cleaned (in isolation) daily, along with cleaning and sterilizing the room.

The guest will absorb the costs of evacuation and land accommodations and medical services. We highly recommend that you review your travel / medical insurance for coronavirus coverage should this occur.  Keep in mind that fever alone is not a suspected Covid-19 case.

Need a COVID-19 Test?

Visit   This is a database crowdsourced by travelers who list locations offering COVID-19 test with fast turnaround times.    Review the «Destination Update» below for your adventure to learn which type of test you will need.  Then visit the site and filter by your state and type of test you require.
The site is just starting up and is slowly adding other countries in addition to USA locations.  If you use a referral from the list, be sure to «confirm» the place as active and share how long it took to get your results.  Similarly, please «report» a site if you contact them and find out they are no longer offering testing or outside the time frame noted.  If you found a new location (not on the list) that provides test results in 24-48 hours, please «add» it so that others may benefit. As a crowdsourced database, the information only stays current if everyone shares their experience.

Return Travel Testing (Including arrivals to USA)

Many home destinations guests are returning to now have COVID-19 testing requirements for all international arrivals.   All travelers are responsible for meeting those requirements needed for their return journey.  Any fees for Return Travel Testing or extended stays that may be required while awaiting test results are the traveler’s responsibility.

Each has solutions for guests who require testing to begin their travels home.  A PCR test is available in all destinations and is universally accepted.  This test is the most expensive and may take several days to return results depending on the destination.  Several countries (including the USA) accept the Antigen Rapid Test for travelers wanting to enter.  Many destinations offer this test as well.  It is less expensive and gives results in a matter of hours.  However, the regulatory authorities in some destination countries have not authorized the use of this test.

Testing can be as simple as having a medical technician visit the facility (yacht or lodge) the afternoon before departure, with the test results being emailed to the recipients within a few hours.  In other situations, testing may require a local lab visit to have the test administered, with results in 12-48 hours.   The destination updates below provide a quick summary of what is available in each destination.  The destinations Know Before You Go Supplement provides additional details on which tests are available, costs, and turnaround times.

The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) issued guidelines for passengers arriving via airlines to the United States from international destinations.  Air passengers are required to get a viral test (a test for current infection) within the 3 days before their flight to the U.S. departs, and provide written documentation of their laboratory test result (paper or electronic copy) to the airline or provide documentation of having recovered from COVID-19.  Per the CDC’s website, a» Viral Test»… indicates that both the PCR and Antigen Rapid Tests are considered acceptable.

Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Protections

Travel Insurance / International Medical Insurance has evolved over the last serval months.  There are now policies that include coverage for COVID-19 treatments and hospitalizations.  Travelers may even find policies that also include Quarantine or Self-Isolation coverage.

DiveAssure now has COVID-19 coverages.  Click Here to purchase a policy and learn about their coverage offerings.
When searching for travel medical insurance that offers coverage for quarantine and COVID-19 care try using search terms like «Cost Rica Travel Insurance».  Costa Rica was the first country to introduce this requirement and many policies are listed this way.  While initially written for Costa Rica, they typically offer coverages for travel to many other destinations as well.

If visiting a destination that requires «COVID-19 Insurance,» the primary form of documentation a traveler should have is a «Visa Insurance Letter.»    This letter is commonly associated with the purchase of an International Travel Medical Insurance policy.

Medical coverage offered by traditional Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance or Dive Accident Insurance may or may not provide this service, depending on the policy issued.    Separate International Travel Medical Insurance policies (excluding quarantine coverages) are reasonably priced ($50 to $100) based on coverage amounts and dates.  Consider purchasing a longer date range (ie, 30 days) to hedge for treatment as some policies cannot be extended once purchased.

Medical Insurance issued by your health insurance provider at home may state it provides «international coverage».   Typically, the traveler is required to pay all bills directly and submits a claim upon returning home.  Rarely would a «Visa Insurance Letter» be issued since the policy will not directly pay medical providers.

If you find yourself in a position where you will need to utilize your Travel Insurance or Travel Medical coverages, contact your insurance company as soon as possible.  Policies typically have assistance teams that can guide you through the process and advise you what documentation you will need.   They will also notify you if they can assist with payment locally to providers or if you will need to personally pay directly and then submit receipts and a claim for reimbursement.